Saturday, January 31, 2009

Expressing sympathy

Expressing SYMPATHY


  1. I’m sorry.
  2. I’m so sorry to learn that…..
  3. I’m awfully/dreadfully sorry.
  4. It’s terrible.
  5. It’s really upsetting.
  6. I know how you feel.
  7. You have my/our deepest sympathy.
  8. Please accept my/our condolences.


Between friends

A : Hello, Nitin. How are you? You look depressed. Has anything gone wrong?

B : Yes, Balu, I have and a terrible misfortune.

A : What happened?

B : I had deposited all money I had in a private banking company. Now the company has been liquidated.

A : How terrible! Isn’t there any way you can get back your money?

B : I’m trying. But I’m not very hopeful.

A : You must be terribly upset. But please don’t lose hope.

At the School

A : Good morning, teacher.

B : Good morning, Mrs.Sindhu. Anil has been absent for the last two days. Is he unwell?

A : He has had an accident.

B : Oh, no! I hope it’s nothing serious.

A : It is bad. He was hit by a scooter while crossing the road. His right leg is fractured.

B : How unfortunate! Is he in a hospital?

A : No, he’s at home. But he has to remain in bed for a month. So I came to give his leave application.

B : You must be really upset about it. Please don’t worry about the classes. Anil is a very bright boy. He can easily make up for the classes he misses. He’ll be all right very soon. Please give him my love.

A : I’ll do that. Thank you, teacher.

Between friends

A : Hello, Rahim. How have you done your exams?

B : I thought I had done well.

A : Has something gone wrong?

B : This morning I came to know that I have got only a second class. I was expecting a first class.

B : Hard luck. But don’t lose heart. You can make up next year.

A : I hope so.

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